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WELCOME on the website of our Company, the AURORA Energy Kft.

Our Company’s main profile includes consultancy services in such sectors as energetics and mining (and in particular oil mining), meeting your Company’s existing needs and demands at the highest possible standards. We have decades of experiences in energetics and oil mining, and our Company was established with the key goal to successfully and effectively deploy those experiences based on practical experiences and application, in favour of our clients.

Relying on our practical experiences, our Company is prepared to take part, besides consultancy, in actual implementation efforts in areas like effective operation, company or asset acquisition or project management and implementation, if our Client requests so, which means that,  we are prepared and skilled to find, in close cooperation with you, the successful form of investment and assets in the field of energetics as well as the effective and optimal way of operating the asset(s) (asset management).

Our key objective is to provide you professional services so that, while always achieving greatest success, you can be satisfied with the quality of our services and the value for your money.

The consultants of Aurora Energy assume energy management and operational consultancy in all areas of energetics, such as operative organisational review and redesign, executive, crisis and change management and other fields of corporate management (project management, technical and financial planning and control, optimisation of procurement and CAPEX processes).

You can keep on browsing our website as you like, and if you have any question in relation with our services, feel free to turn to us with confidence!

Our address: H-1044 Budapest, Ipari park str. 10.




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