Bisnode tanusitvany


Our credo is that we can deliver the highest standards to our client only by offering such authentic tools and solutions that fit into a Company’s existing profile and form of operation, rely on elements of the Company’s existing culture, take into account what steps the Company is about to take in response to the current market challenges while also unveil any defects and disturbances in the organisation and its operation, and elaborate, together with the Company’s employees, recommendations on changes that can be implemented immediately and in the longer run. Therefore, as part of our activities, we place special emphasis on giving clear and unambiguous answers and productive advice, including the identification of resources needed for specific implementation, the designation of the personnel in charge of implementation and setting realistic deadlines.

Unlike traditional consultants, our Company is prepared not only to give useful and practicable advice to our clients but, if requested, to take an active part in the implementation of a mutually developed solution. We are at our clients’ disposal in operating productive mining objects and, as a project manager, in exploration and field development projects. With decades of their wide-spread national and international experiences, our colleagues are able and qualified to perform assessments for company and asset acquisitions, to make proposals in support of acquisition-related decision-making and to participate in financial consulting/ mediation - not only in Hungary but even in the international arena.

A both technically and financially well-formulated objective is the pre-condition for your successful participation in tenders called for nationally or by the EU; and only such an objective will allow you to compile a successful tender documentation or application. That is another area where you can count on our Company’s expertise and experiences.

With their knowledge and experiences, our experts can also make use of their relevant achievements at internal corporate training events as well as on professional and managerial conferences. With a number of outstanding lecturers and our well-established practices of preparing spectacular presentations, we are ready to deliver training courses to our Clients, and we will be happy to represent you in professional conferences, either in the complete field of energetics and mining or in any of their subfields.

To sustain excellent quality, we consider close cooperation with each and every client as crucial, in order to achieve success. We offer a wide range of consultancy on technical, engineering, process analysis/ assessment and business management - primarily to enterprises and entrepreneurs working in energetics and mining, in consideration of their individual needs and demands. We use personal consultation to learn as much information as possible about our Clients’ current concerns or difficulties, and after an efficient search for solutions, we give answers to all the issues and questions.

If you would need more information about our services, please,free to contact us so that we could make an appointment.